New Fangled Stages will work with communities in which it is based offering educational and training opportunities to young people through a programme of complementary seminars in each area they play.

“What we know is who we are. What we learn is who we can be.”


As the craft of acting never stops evolving, life never stops teaching.

The company of NFS has accumulated over a century of teaching experience at various institutions and theatre companies. We believe in creating opportunities for our audiences to dialogue with us and share in what we have gleaned from our lives.


As Trashman's Dilemma's cautionary tale belongs to no one country, so NFS believes education has no political boundaries.  With Davydd Cook, an NFS Artistic Associate, we span four countries and two continents in our work. Our workshops and seminars cross borders and cultures.

SEMINARIUM  from Latin- "breeding ground, plant nursery"

All of our company members have extensive teaching experience in many disciplines from 

Shakespeare to Night Club. We offer the following seminars but can customize 

classes and workshops according to your needs.

ACTING  from Latin v. 'agere', to do, drive, lead; pass or spend time

With Cast; Basics of Honesty. Group Exercises.


STORY   from Latin, historia

With Playwright; Bones of Storytelling; Your historia of Character, Conflict and Structure. Q and A.


THE LITURGY OF LANGUAGE   Liturgy-from Greek,  'λειτουργία', literally, 'the work of the people'

With Cast; Language from The Greeks to Hip Hop. Group Exercises.


PRODUCE   from Latin producere, pro- ‘forward’ + ducere ‘to lead’.  

With Cast; Steps of Self Producing a Play. Passion to Post-Show. Concept to Curtain Call. Q and A. 

NFS can happily work with any organization to tailor our seminars for their needs and wishes. No group too small or large. Please contact us for further information.