Trashman’s Dilemma is set in the near future after the multinational regime, CORP, has taken over the planet and instituted The Purge; an eradication and purification of Earth's societies, languages and family units, creating a homogeneous workforce to loot the planet's remaining energy reserves. 


Technology enables the CORP regime to rule the war torn planet from orbiting space stations and satellites. Vocal communication has been made obsolete and illegal by advancements in inter-cranial, bionic chip telecommunication. In this world, words, thoughts and memories are monitored. Any challenge to the New Reality of CORP is treason and met with immediate execution.

The piece was originally created by writer and actor Bruce Gooch in 2012 and performed at Fringe festivals across Canada. In 2013, Trashman's Dilemma was invited to The Pearl Company's Winter Theatre Festival in Hamilton, Ontario. The play was lengthened and a new character added. A subsequent short run at The White Bear Theatre in London, UK led to the piece being re-worked and entered for the New York New Works Theater Festival in NYC. The piece was selected out of hundreds of submissions to perform at the Festival. Out of approximately 200 performed pieces: Trashman’s Dilemma was jury selected to be part of the final night's gala of just six plays.

4 Actors. A 75 minute self-contained, celebrated production designed for non-traditional as well as conventional spaces. New Fangled Stages is delighted that Trashman's Dilemma was part of the 2018/2019 season at Theatre Apo Maxinis in Athens, Greece. The play was presented in English with Greek subtitles in November and December.

“Brilliant conceptually with arguably the most original writing within the entire Festival.” 


Gene Fisch Jr., Festival Director

The New York New Works Theatre Festival

October 2016