"It was a darkness sliding from the swamps. Oil capillaries wicking into the blotting sky. The contagion of Earth puking as she is raped for her treasures." "She" from Trashman's Dilemma. 

by IWasANerdBeforeItWasCool   

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For Stelios Maya, there is no worse thing to lose your memory

By Maria Kryou - 19/10/2018

Shortly before World Premiere of Bruce Goochs'  The Garden at The Machine Theater, Stelios Maya talks about the subject of the project, the loss of mem...




A relational drama about expectations, wounded feelings and a life-work that has fallen intact

The old farmer Mikael is lost in existence. His son Jon has been away for many years becaus...

Bruce Gooch's play DIRT opens October 3 in Sweden. Bruce is, " Honored and thrilled. Wishing cast and crew a great run."

"Tangled Garden! What a play! What a performance! Laughter and tears, and so much more! Thank you, Lynn and Bruce, for an evening that the audience will never forget."

 "I was captivated right from the start. It was an emotional roller coaster. I think the standing ovat...

Bruce Gooch is previewing his new play Tangled Garden tonbight as a benefit performance to fight Lippa Quarry. NFS and Stop the Pit, http://stopmuskokapit.ca/  as working with The Skeleton Lake Cottagers Assoc.  Tangled opens in Greece in Greek starry Stelios Mainas an...

 Lynn Vogt stars at Louise Meriweather in Bruce Gooch's new play Tangled Garden. New Fangled Stages gives a benefit preview for the Skeleton Lake Cottagers Association's fight to defeat the proposed Lippa Quarry. The show is tonight  Sept. 1 at The Rosseau Community Ce...

Second day and night of shooting on The Confinement complete; inside and out, on a lovely autumn day. Crew and cast headed north to Muskoka for two days of shooting in November. We couldn't ask for a better team for this prequel to Trashman's Dilemma.

New Fangled Stages and iraybsfilms continue shooting The Confinement. 

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