Review: Fully Fringed

Trashman’s Dillemma was hands down the best performance I have ever seen at a fringe festival. This sci-fi/drama throws its audience into an unknown future distopian world where language has been taken from humanity along with clouds, free will and the ability to truly connect with each other.

I spent the entire play on the edge of my seat trying to piece everything together. Though I’m still not entirely sure I got every detail by the end. I can assure you this was one head trip worth taking and since at every show the actors will be changing roles, it may be worth taking more than once.

Right from the start it is evident that the cast and crew of the highest caliber. The technical use of music and sound, to which the actors have subtly choreographed their movements, served to complement a tremendously written script. With outstanding skill and nuance the audience is slowly drawn deeper into this warped reality without blatantly describing the details of the world they inhabit. What was for me the most powerful aspect of the performance was the way in which the audience was eventually included in the performance as the cast became ‘aware’ of our presence and interacted with us convincingly.

Though I can’t guarantee you will understand everything that happens I am sure that everyone who goes to see Trashman’s Dilemma will understand every detail, I am certain you will leave thoroughly impressed with this captivating drama and the skill with which it is presented.

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